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    SINCE 96

    23Uhrmit: Andrey PUSHKAREV (Circus Company), Thomas Stieler (Freude am Tanzen), Daniel Czerner (Osmund Audio), Hans Gabler (Waterkant Souvenirs)

    SINCE 96

    Von Jordan bis Curry
    Vom Tape bis zur Platte

    Andrey PUSHKAREV (Circus Company)
    Thomas Stieler (Freude am Tanzen)
    Daniel Czerner (Osmund Audio)
    Hans Gabler (Waterkant Souvenirs)


    Andrey PUSHKAREV continues to move floors with a combination of profound musical knowledge, unique professionalism, and a meticulously gathered vinyl collection. His exquisite taste, sharp technique, and uncompromising nature have won him a great deal of respect and admiration as a committed promoter of quality music.

    "When the right thing is in the right place, we are moved and resonate to the frequency that works best."